Illustration depicting the interplay between mental health and substance use, with icons representing various disorders and substances.
Examples Of Dual Diagnosis

Explore the examples of dual diagnosis and its treatment plans for better outcomes with The Recovery Team-Newton.

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• Drug rehab programs vary in length, ranging from 30 days to over a year, tailored to specific needs and the severity of the addiction.
How Long Are Drug Rehab Programs: A Complete Guide

Explore how long drug rehab programs are with the complete guide from The Recovery Team-Newton.

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The cost concerns and financing options for treatment without insurance.
Drug Rehab Costs Without Insurance

How much does drug rehab cost without insurance? The Recovery Team-Newton explains financing options and resources.

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Group of diverse people playing board games and laughing together in a social setting without alcohol.
Cheers to Sobriety: Fun Without Alcohol

Learn how to have fun without alcohol with the tips from The Recovery Team-Newton.

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Rehab Vs. Jail: What Makes Rehab A Better Option 

Explore the merits of rehab vs jail in addiction treatment in this expert guide from The Recovery Team-Newton.

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Doctor engaging in conversation with patients.
Does Medicaid Cover Drug Rehab

Does Medicaid cover drug rehab? Learn about the eligibility criteria with expert insights at The Recovery Team-Newton.

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Employee having a private conversation with their manager about seeking rehabilitation.
Transition Back: Informing Employer About Rehab

The Recovery Team-Newton explains how to tell your employer you are going to rehab. Learn how to navigate the process.

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Person sitting alone with head in hands
Connection Between Trauma And Addiction

Explore the connection between trauma and addiction. Discover effective treatments with The Recovery Team-Newton.

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