Woman in bed and covering her eyes with her hands.
Mindful Slumber: Sleep and Mental Well-Being

Learn how sleep and mental health impact each other with The Recovery Team-Newton. Find hope with our treatment.

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Woman sitting with a glass of red wine in the dark with her head in her hands. Alcohol is classified as a depressant drug
Is Alcohol a Drug?

Are you curious about the drug classification of alcohol? The Recovery Team-Newton provides you with the answer.

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Woman sitting in front of a light therapy box.
Seasonal Affective Disorder and Depression

The Recovery Team-Newton shares the similarities and distinctions between SAD and depression. Click to learn more.

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Woman holding her head and staring at a glass of alcohol on the table. Recognize signs of addiction to help those in need.
From Myths to Recovery: Navigating Addiction

Explore key facts about addiction and find hope with The Recovery Team-Newton. Get the support you need today.

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Woman on a bed looking out a window in a dark room. White text explains that seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression.
Seasonal Affective Disorder: Root Causes

What can cause seasonal affective disorder (SAD)? Get insights with The Recovery Team-Newton.

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Woman showing a photo to her young daughter.
Exploring Bipolar Disorder: The Family Connection

Learn about the genetic connection to bipolar disorder with The Recovery Team-Newton.

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Two women and a man sit in a counseling session with a female therapist.
Effects of Community on Mental Health

Discover the transformative connection between community and mental health with The Recovery Team-Newton. Click here.

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Illustration of two pills. The duration of opioid withdrawal symptoms can vary from person to person.
Navigating Opioid Withdrawal: Symptoms and Timeline

Opioid withdrawal is different for everyone. Learn the facts with The Recovery Team-Newton and get the care you deserve.

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